Maritess vs. The Superfriends
Abril 28, 2007, 11:03 umaga
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Did you ever wonder why whenever you’d watch “The Superfriends” on a Saturday morning way back in the day, that the Hall of Justice was kept so nice and clean?

Well, it was because of their Filipina maid who you never saw.

We’ve all heard about the plight of all the Overseas Foreign Workers leaving the Philippines in the thousands just to find jobs good enough to send money back to their families in the islands.

Many of them still suffer disgraceful working and living conditions beyond our comprehension, oftentimes silently.

Even our own Superfriends can treat these domestic laborers very much in the same manner and this is one of their stories…

Voiced by Rex Navarette
Animation by Dino Ignacio
Originally a stand-up act by Fil-Am comic, “Rex Navarette”


12 mga puna so far
Mag-iwan ng puna

grabe na to! yung delivery ng mga linya, may gasps at sighs, gayang gaya si ate Guy! hehehe.

Komento ni junanteola

Hahaha! Oo nga! Kakatawa talaga… lalo na si Aquaman! Bwehehehe 😛

Komento ni Chuckster

ang galing talaga ni rex navarette uber funny…

Komento ni bangketa|streak

ang laki maxado naman ng eye bags ni maritess… 😀

Komento ni toniwoni

Dahil superfriends ang mga amo niya… SUPER eyebags ang nasa mata niya… wahehehe! (corny no?) 😛

Komento ni Chuckster

rex navarette rocks! 😀 he has lots of other funny stuff on his cd, sana may gumawa ng flash animation for it …

seen the sbc packers? 😀

Komento ni zerovoltage

Oh yeah! I remember the SBC packers! Sige… post ko yun dito in a bit! Thanks for reminding me! 🙂

Komento ni Chuckster

talaga bading si batman? chicka yan ha.

Komento ni acko

haha so funny.. grabeh.. idol ko na kau from now on…

Komento ni fiona

hahahah…masakit sa tyan 2 ah…bka huntingin ng dfa ang super friends hahahah

Komento ni jonas

wahahahahaha!!! grabe!!! kakaloka…

Komento ni urock08

wooohh! wala na talagang tatalo sa pilipino!

Komento ni allena

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