Would You Like Pizza With That?
Abril 30, 2007, 8:14 umaga
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For being such a loyal customer… Greenwich Pizza is giving out lovely lovely BODY BAGS for only 89 bucks!!!

Greenwich Body Bag

“Cadavers sold separately”



9 mga puna so far
Mag-iwan ng puna

sana lang nde hand-me-down body bag,,,..lolx

Komento ni bangketa|streak

Sana nga! Hehehe… pero kung sakali, disinfected naman eh… 😛

Komento ni Chuckster

hala, sa greenwich ba talaga to?alam ba nila kung ano saan ginagamit ang body bag? lol baka for april fools’ day toh.

Komento ni Cat

bakit nga ba body bag? 🙂

Komento ni junanteola

Uy! You’re back! How’s your Manila visit?!
In answer to your question… baka kasi it’s a bag that “hugs” the body… 😛

Komento ni Chuckster

Chuck: i didn’t get to enjoy/see much as i have to attend meetings/functions. pero ok at welcome na rin kasi sa convention sites komportable, whereas sa labas, sobra ang init. i’m barely out ten minutes and i feel like i’m slathered with oil… malagkit na pawis.
i got to see Spider-Man 3 at Robinson’s Malate(?) though, and do some last minute pasalubong shopping while waiting for my flight back home. 🙂

Komento ni junanteola

there is such a thing as a body bag, you know 🙂

Komento ni wala lang

There is also such a thing as a “play on words”, you know. THAT is where the humor lies…

Komento ni Chuckster

d ko magets yan.. pls email me at pa explain..^^

Komento ni dattebayo

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