SBC Packers
Mayo 2, 2007, 9:22 umaga
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This video was forwarded by Zerovoltage… It’s another animation featuring one of the many hilarious skits by Fil-Am Stand-Up Comic, Rex Navarette.

The skit is entitled, “SBC Packers”… Tummy-Achingly Hilarious!

Many thanks to Zerovoltage!
Visit his personal blog at

Enjoy the video!


7 mga puna so far
Mag-iwan ng puna

hey … thanks for the cred! 😀

Komento ni zerovoltage

when his not looking pack him quickly!!!…

hoy pack that shit..pack that shit..pack that shit!!!…

geez ang kulitttt….

Komento ni bangketa|streak

Hi Zero!
You’re welcome! Keep ’em coming! Hehehe! 🙂

Komento ni Chuckster

the hardest animal to pak is da hamster… lol. one of my favorites.

Komento ni pao

hahaha. nakakatawa. shett.

Komento ni danneth

packind shet

Komento ni manutog

“niks kwestiyun”

“my mother, she’s the mother-packer”

“pack that shit..pack that shit and pack that shit..”

hahha.. LOL.. nakanampucha talaga..

Komento ni taga-puna

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