Hey Wait! You Left Your "Thing"!
Hunyo 9, 2007, 4:30 hapon
Filed under: Filipino, Funny Signs, Philippines, Pilipino, Pinoy

Contributor: Kriztala

Kriztala says:

This is a sign posted everywhere inside Harlem’s Restaurant located at Libertad, Pasay City..

Oh well, the food there is good anyway…


Spoof at Harlem

The food is soooo good… so good in fact that you can actually forget your… errr… “thing”!  bwehehe!


5 mga puna so far
Mag-iwan ng puna

wwwooohhhooo!! asteeeg!! \m/

Komento ni buding/Ligaya

Hello buding/Ligaya!

Welcome to Nakanampucha… hope you drop by again soon! 🙂

Komento ni Chuckster

I have a different version of this. 🙂

Komento ni mars

Hi Mars!
Send over your version… post natin! 😛

Komento ni Chuckster

haha.. i didn’t know my thing has an unattended.

Komento ni iceman

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