Just Like Being Held At Gunpoint and Stripped Off of my Pants!
Hunyo 10, 2007, 5:44 hapon
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Exactly what the title of this articles says…

This guy strutted inside a 7/11 store in Pasig… judging by his looks, it seemed like he was held at gunpoint and told to strip off his pants…!  Hahaha!

El BaduyCheck it out…:

– Polo
– Boxers
– Office Shoes! (looks like moccasins!)






El BaduyWork it, baby!

Strut your stuff!







El BaduyAt may pasa pasa legs!

Told ‘ya to stop going out like that or else you’re mom will bitch slap ‘ya senseless…






Hope this guy finds out who held him up… Bwehehehe!


8 mga puna so far
Mag-iwan ng puna

Looks like they got his socks, too…

Komento ni xtine


Komento ni Raymond Lee Quijano

he he he cute ng boxer shorts nya!

Komento ni brokenman

Haha! Yeah… they took his socks too!

Komento ni Chuckster

laugh trip!! 😛

Komento ni jade

good thing the guy didn’t notice you taking pictures of him like that!! he might have killed you…(you even posted the pictures!!!!wicked…)


Komento ni radueriel

Hi Radueriel…
Haha! I think he was too busy getting his siopao to notice me taking pictures of him… hahaha! Kinis legs niya no?! BLEH! 😛

Komento ni Chuckster

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Komento ni Queen

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