Filipinos Are Sweet (and Creamy?!)
Hulyo 15, 2007, 10:57 hapon
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Contributor: Bene

Bene says:

“Ang sweet talaga ng Pinoy… pati sa Mallorca abot…haha!”

Filipinos Chocolate Bar 

Filipinos are so sweet!  Brown, sweet, and wafery on the inside!

And most of all… Filipinos are oh so creamy!!!  Bwehehehe!

Go ahead… have some Filipinos!  You know you want some!


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This was featured in a news report a couple of years ago… some people didn’t like it and protest we’re staged… but like any issues Filipinos deal with, it was easily forgoten.

Wait! did it really happen or did I see the future.

Komento ni nerdluck

Wow! wonder what it means in their language?

As long as it’s not bad and degrading. “Brown, sweet, and wafery on the inside!” will do for me … 😀

Komento ni zerovoltage

Hi Zero!
Yep… Brown sweet and wafery works for me too! Haha! Don’t forget “creamy”… yum yum! 😛

Komento ni Chuckster

that just made me crave for a “long creamy chocolatey wafery goodness” filipino *bar*

ahahha well im really talkin about the bar nothing’sho…ahahaha..thats just wrong!! ahah

Komento ni bangketa|streak

french are french fries
germans are german franks
filipinos are brown, sweet and wafery
i wonder kung ano ang americans? 🙂

Komento ni brokenman

what a sweet way to promote the filipinos. at least now we can be known for something better and edible…

Komento ni bebenibadoodles

apuntate al buen rollo –> in tagalog “MASARAP!” haha!

Komento ni m.benz

Haha! Muy Bien! (errr… tama ba spanish ko?) Bleh! 😛

Komento ni Chuckster

Brown (outside) as our skin
White (inside) as our mentality

Komento ni Filipinayzd

LOL… white inside as our mentality! Hahaha… diba dapat medyo may tint of light green … LOL! 😆

Komento ni Chuckster

light green? i think its dark green… haha! anyway, pwede na din siguro konti na lang kasi puno sa Pinas so, light green… oks na!

Komento ni m.benz

Filipino outside, American inside

Komento ni Filipinayzd

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