In the Spirit of Harry Potter…
Hulyo 31, 2007, 7:40 hapon
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You want to have a haircut but really in a hurry?!  No problemo!

Welcome to…

Hurry Cutter

Mabilis lang ang gupit kasi i-ma-magic ka ni Voldemort!  Bwehehe!


11 mga puna so far
Mag-iwan ng puna

Dito nag pagupit si Voldemort

Komento ni nerdluck

Pati ang Gryffindor ghost na si Sir Nicolas de Mimsy-Porpington kaya siya naging Nearly-Headless Nick.

Komento ni Em Dy

Haha! Lahat ata kasi ng barbero dito laging nagmamadali! Laging “in a hurry”!

Komento ni Chuckster

galing naman nito! hehehe

Komento ni junanteola

okay ito ha? san ito? ma-try nga magpagupit d2… haha!

Komento ni m.benz

Wag… laging in a HURRY ang CUTTER… baka magupit lang ang tenga mo! Haha!

Komento ni Chuckster

hahahaha hurry cutter!

Komento ni chukri


Komento ni gudang

tutal lagi akong nagmamadali eh, edi dito na lang ako magpapagupit.

Komento ni Ase Hastly

Just found this site and decided to join up to see what was going on that I was missing out on. I am a conservative Southern man from N. Louisiana. I believe our government has lost its collective mind and may not be fixable, but we will see. I really think that the liberal politicians are fully aware of the direction and consequences of their policies and that makes it worse than if they were just insane.
I hope to join in some robust discusions with other members of the board.
Thanks for taking time to read this little intro.
Oklahoma Chimney Repair

Komento ni chimneysweepi

Parang nakakatakot namang magpagupit dito..

Komento ni Flores ECG

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