Pinoy Ako! WordPress Pinoy Bloggers, Sali Na!
Agosto 20, 2007, 8:18 hapon
Filed under: Filipino, Philippines, Pilipino, Pinoy

Hello people! We recently put up a group for WordPress.Com and WordPress.Org Pinoy Bloggers… We figured, we’ve been posting comments on each other’s blogs, sharing jokes, sympathizing with each other’s struggles and challenges, laughing and sharing on other’s triumphs, but never really get to interact more than we actually can.

But (hopefully) with the help of this new group called, “WordPress Pinoys”, we can probably make our community tighter… mas “SOLID” kumbaga. Please invite your other Pinoy WordPress bloggers to join the group so that those whom others haven’t met can get acquainted with one another.

We can do a whole lot with this group… we can start organizing events, eyeballs, get-togethers, and even find new ways to drive traffic to each others blogs!

I really hope we can all gather around this idea and help the group flourish… and expand. If we can really make this an entire Pinoy WordPress network, we can probably even have WordPress-sanctioned Pinoy events in the future!

So… if you’re a Filipino and you happen to have a blog here at WordPress.Com or manage your own blog powered by WordPress.Org then click the image below and join the group! We’d love to meet (and have) new members!

After signing up, if it isn’t too much trouble… please use the image above and kindly post it on your WordPress sidebar and link it to the group’s site located at:

Kaya sali na! Hope to see you all there soon!


7 mga puna so far
Mag-iwan ng puna

hi pinoys out there!

i wanna join the wordpress com. but ill keep on visiting here! cheers!
vera from canada

Komento ni vera

Yo Raymond!
Sure… punta ak sa page mo! Thanks for the promo! Sana maraming pumunta! 😛

Komento ni Chuckster

This is cool. Count me in…. 😉

Komento ni Pinoy-Am

Great! See you at the forum!

Komento ni Chuckster

open pa ba to ?:) laughtrip ako sa blog na to

Komento ni geylii

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