About Us

“Nakanampucha”… A Filipino slang, which in English means any of the following: Cool, Wow, Great, Awesome, etc. (Well, you get the idea!)

This site aims to compile and encapsulate through images, stories, anecdotes, terminologies, quotes, even videos, everything hilarious, quirky and oftentimes irritating about the common “pinoy” (short for Pilipino).

This is a site that also hopes to enlighten and educate us Pinoys by means of satirical humor and entertainment.

Being that this site is for all of us, “Nakanampucha” encourages all Pinoys (and Pinoys at heart) to help this site by contributing stories, images, newly found terminologies, short anecdotes, and just about anything you believe would be worth posting on this site that captures the essence of Pinoys.

Of course, all submissions will be promptly acknowledged so please include your name (or alias) and blog/website so that they may be included once posted here at Nakanampucha.

If you enjoy this site, do not hesitate to spread the word.  Let your friends and family know about “Nakanampucha”!  Drop us a line if you wish.

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